Online Toolbox and Maps

Online Toolbox and Maps

Access the BETA VERSION of the Land Degradation Monitoring Toolbox

The GEF-LDMP toolbox is an open source platform the project is making available as a global public good. The project is developing methods and guidance on assessing land degradation, and will implement these methods using Quantum GIS (qGIS), an open source Geographic Information System (GIS).

 The toolbox will:

  1. Facilitate downloading and visualizing datasets produced by the project
  2. Include routines for mapping and calculating vegetation indices and studying trends in vegetation productivity
  3. Support comparing analytical outputs derived from coarse- and medium-resolution datasets with those derived from high-resolution data
  4. Allow users to integrate ground datasets with earth observation data to derive insights on the possible drivers of land degradation
  5. Support reporting to the UNCCD and GEF, including production of summary tables and maps

The toolbox will be accompanied by guidance documents and other training materials. To enable widespread adoption, the toolbox and capacity-building materials will be made available on this webpage for global access and will be replicated in regional centers.

Download the beta version of the toolbox here.

For guidance on the toolbox please see below:

Toolbox User Guide (English) (French)

Toolbox Background Guidance Document Version 1 (English) (French)